Webmatrix is a nice idea by microsoft but I spent too much time trying to make mysql run on my PC and just gave up as the webmatrix installation failed. Will have to make do with the unpolished interface of wamp

whatsapp? not much

A friend of mine is going abroad and because he uses blackberry he has to have a data plan to BBM even when he can connect via wifi, and there is no skype for BB for the network he uses. This sent him looking for another communication app and he found whatsapp and I decided to pay the 1$ to get it on my IPhone.

Right now from my limited usage I am disappointed as I assumed the hype had a merit but I don’t see a reason to use it when I don’t have too.

Nice touch to the wordpress iphone app, it opens the admin at the right page if it detects that XML-RPC is disabled. Which makes me wonder why it doesn’t go all the way and submit the changed setting, or at least highlights/explains what shoud be changed.